History Bit: Street Names in Downtown Dayton
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Have you ever wondered what is the history behind some of the street names in downtown Dayton? If so, check out this History Bit from Montgomery County Report.

Video — History Bits: Street Names in Downtown Dayton

Dayton Fun Facts

As you heard Alex Heckman, Director of Education and Museum Operations at Dayton History explain, many of the streets in Dayton are named after military heros from the American Revolutionary War era. These figures include General Arthur St. Clair, Colonel Israel Ludlow, General James Wilkinson and General Anthony Wayne.

A better-known namesake is Patterson Boulevard, which is named after John Henry Patterson, inventor of the modern cash register and founder of the National Cash Register Company. But, did you know that Dorothy Lane is named after John H. Patterson’s daughter Dorothy, who used to ride her horse down the path which later became the main thoroughfare? Far Hills Avenue also has a tie to the Patterson family, whose estate was named the Far Hills.

The city of Dayton is named after Jonathan Dayton, the youngest signatory of the U.S. Constitution and the 8th President of the Continental Congress. Depending on how you define city, community, or town, there are up to 28 Daytons in the United States, with Dayton Ohio being the largest.

Thanks to our friends at Montgomery County for letting us share this video. The Media Group produced this segment in 2008 as part of the show Montgomery County Report. Also thanks to Alex Heckman at Dayton History for sharing his knowledge of the greater Dayton region.


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