History Bit: the Old Courthouse
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Have you ever wondered what is the history behind the Old Courthouse? If so, check out this History Bit from Montgomery County Report.

Video – History Bit: the Old Courthouse

Fast Facts about the Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse is one of the most prominent landmarks in the greater Dayton region. It was designed by a Cincinnati architect, Howard Daniels, in a Greek revival style in 1844 and constructed in 1847. The courthouse is built out of locally quarried limestone, called Dayton marble, which is found throughout the inside as well.  The two front doors are made of solid iron, each weighing 1 ton.

The first case ever held in the building was a divorce case, held on April 18, 1850.  The cannon on the side lawn was placed there on July 4, 1902. It came from Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida, and weighs 5,900 pounds.  The safe in the meeting room is from the Dayton Safe Company and still functions. The Old Courthouse has become a favorite stop for many U.S. Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

Because of its deep history and authenticity, the Courthouse has become a Historic National Landmark, connecting the historically rich past to the current face of Dayton.

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