The MVRPC is “Going Places”, and so is Dayton
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If you haven’t heard of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, what you’re missing is the practicality of a public initiative juxtaposed with the spirit of people who truly want to see the Greater Dayton Region grow stronger.

You may be asking yourself – what exactly does the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission do? Here’s an overview:

Two members of the MVRPC, Julie Black and Martin Kim met with The Face of Dayton and discussed the vital need for planning and working together as an entire community. “We need to educate people on the problems and their solutions”, said Black. “It needs to be a civic movement”, added Kim.  - The commission, with collaboration, is planning how we can make the right changes for our future.

For their “Going Places” project, the Commission has recently held public open houses to display their results for planning the next 30 years in the region, through 2040. This 3 phase project, which started in 2007, is meant to address improving each aspect of economic needs – infrastructure, business where it should and shouldn’t be, where land should either be preserved or developed, etc.

Martin Kim went on to explain – “We’re pushing cooperation with every group in the region – it’s not just one organization’s job. The core of the region is, of course, downtown Dayton. We have to strengthen our core.”

All information for the Going Places project and any public events can be found on their website or facebook

Nobody’s going to take care of us except for us, so let’s do that.

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